James Bond: the Russo brothers have found Daniel Craig’s replacement and he will not please everyone


James Bond: the Russo brothers have found Daniel Craig's replacement and he will not please everyone

The character of james bond made his film debut in 1962. Since then, the popularity of his films has skyrocketed and spawned to a full-fledged franchise, which has endured through the years even after actor Sean Connery dropped out of the role of agent 007. Six actors have succeeded in the James Bond costume, through 25 different films and for nearly 60 years now. With the movie Dying can wait which marked the last appearance of Daniel Craig as the British agent, the 007 costume is ready to be worn by a new actor.

The favorite of the russo brothers

No actor has yet been confirmed to replace Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond. However, the names of several stars of the big screen have been mentioned, such as Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad), Henry Cavill (man of steel) or even Tom Hardy (Venom). However, one of them seems to have seriously stood out from the rest since appearing on the show. The Bridgerton Chronicle, British-Zimbabwean actor Regé-Jean Page.

In an interview with RadioTimes, directors Joe and Anthony Russo explained why the actor would make a great new James Bond. As a reminder, the two brothers recently granted him a role in their latest production which is a hit on Netflix, The Gray Man. Here’s all the good the director duo thinks about him.

Joe Russo: He is fantastic. He has more charisma in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. So, you know, we’d watch him do anything! We could even watch him read the phone book!

Anthony Russo: Yes. He’s a savvy artist, and he’s got so much charm.

An actor who only wants to shine!

Regé-Jean Page did not really have the opportunity to shine with his charisma in The Gray Man. Many believe that the actor does not yet have the shoulders to embody a character as emblematic as James Bond in the cinema. Show the full extent of his talent in a spy film such as The Gray Man would then have been a good thing, especially to stop the criticism of those who constantly bring him back to his role of the Duke of Hastings from the historical romance series, The Bridgerton Chronicle.

Either way, the actor seems to have made quite an impression working with the Russo Brothers. With James Bond producers previously revealing that filming for the next film won’t take place for at least two years, the choice of replacement for Daniel Craig still does not seem to have been confirmed. The question of whether Regé-Jean Page is a good candidate to reprise the role now hinges on the direction the producers would like the franchise to take. With Daniel Craig, we were treated to a deeper James Bond than ever. Which actor will therefore be chosen by the production? The least we can say is that it is spoiled for choice given the many talented actors in the running!

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