Her boyfriend cheats on her, their argument ends in a dramatic way on the balcony of their hotel


Jealousy can sometimes lead to dramatic gestures that seem like madness. While on vacation in Turkey, 21-year-old Reece Pegram tragically lost his life.

It must have been a great romantic vacation for Reece Pegram and Mary Meyers Kayley, while they were staying in a five-star hotel in Side, Antalya, Turkey. But the idyll turned to tragedy, when the couple got into a heated argument on the evening of March 11 to 12. The hotel staff have indeed reported to the authorities that they heard very loud screams coming from their room. Their argument would have burst following a discussion that would have maintained Reece Pegram with an ex-girlfriend according to the first declarations of Mary Meyers Kayley. Also according to the hotel staff, Reece then showed up in the hotel lobby to be served alcohol, but being already drunk it was refused.

Very changing versions for the accused, Mary Meyers Kayley, who faces 24 years in prison

The sequence of events is quite murky, since Mary Meyers Kayley, who faces 24 years in prison in Turkey, kept changing the version of the facts. What emerges from the investigation, however, is that traces of blood were found in the room, and that the body of Reece Pegram was found lifeless at the bottom of the building more than 30 meters below.The 21-year-old died instantly. According to the defendant, he would have tried several times to commit suicide during the stay threatening to throw himself from the balcony and she would have stopped him. After having changed her version several times on the blood found, which she attributed first to a cut in the shower, then to a broken glass or even to sexual intercourse between them, she also had to change her version of the facts concerning the motive. of the argument: sometimes for the messages exchanged with his ex, sometimes an argument about drugs.

In effect, the autopsy revealed that Reece Pegram had used cocaine, and it is on this basis that the young woman tried to discredit the victim, presenting him as a drug baron in Great Britain. Aged 31, Mary Meyers Kayley has changed so much in her statements, claiming to have fallen asleep when the police arrived in her room, and that Reece Pegram was no longer there when she went to bed that the court did not consider his arguments. The Court has imposed on the young woman an evaluation of her mental health, the prosecutor meanwhile requested a life sentence against her, for having killed her boyfriend out of jealousy. At present, the second hearing has not yet been set, to render the verdict.

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2022-07-24 18:50:33